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Mass earth moving of rock & soil for site preparation

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Mass earth removal and delivery for your property

Excavation in Portland, Or

Part of running successful construction project in Portland, Oregon is to plan the project properly.  Excavation is one first and phases of the project and we work closely with you to make sure the desired end product is achieved. The earth may be moved to another location and formed into a desired shape for a purpose. Much of excavation involves machine excavation and fill or backfill.

Good site planning is important

Good planning can prevent a project from being shut down because of certain issues like erosion control that can cause damage to the stream channels, the water, and to the property.  This issue can be prevented by planning and ensuring that there are not copious amounts of loose soil that can run off into the water systems.  This can be prevented by creating subsurface trench drains that will keep the water from running down slopes and into the streams.  These types of prevention methods can be added into the excavation  plans and can keep the construction project from being shut down.


Winery excavation and site preparation


Working with nature for a successful project

Helping to preserve the habitat while excavating

We make sure to to be aware of special or endangered habitats and animals or plants in the construction project area.  The same goes for any areas that have the potential to contain cultural resources like historic or prehistoric archaeological sites.  When we begin our excavation projects, we work closely with you and the required departments to make sure the proper permits are filed. Having those areas included on the project map will ensure that they are not affected by any aspect of the project including the excavation, the hauling roads, and the piles.

What to know about Site Planning for your Excavation Project.

Site planning is a great way to ensure that all parties involved in the construction including the excavation Portland know what is expected of them and where their job activities need to be done.  By planning out a set location for different dirt piles and where the excavation is supposed to be done it will help minimize and maybe even eliminate any errors.  This can really help the construction project to be more efficient and can also help the project get done on time as planned.  When it comes to planning the excavation portion of the project it can really be beneficial to set times and dates for each step of the excavation to not only keep the project on task and moving as planned but it also ensures that everyone involved is well informed on what is expected of them.


Proper site planning keeps your project on time



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