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Gravel Delivery

What to know about Gravel in Portland, Oregon for your driveway, landscape, cost and prices.

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Gravel Delivery in Portland, Oregon

Gravel, also known as aggregate in some circles, are small stones between 5-30mm in diameter, which may be angular or rounded in shape. The shape is usually determined by the source of the gravel, angular shaped stones originating from quarries, a result of blasting and crushing processes. The rounded gravel is obtained from old river beds, channel dredging or beaches also known as fluvial sources. Gravel in Portland is available in an array of colors, all dependant on the parent rock from which the gravel originates.

Types of Gravel in Portland

There are different gravel types available on the market with varying aesthetic qualities and areas of application. A few of them are briefly described below:

  • Crushed concrete – is a recycled form of gravel which is reclaimed from concrete products. This type of gravel is less attractive aesthetically and may contain metal bits. It packs really hard and forms an ideal base to be covered with more appealing natural gravel.
  • Crushed asphalt – reusing old asphalt to create a hard packing dust free driveway that will not erode from heavy downpours is a very good idea. It looks professional when rolled with heavy roller to create paving. Asphalt is activated in the sun and binds the particles together creating a dust free driveway.
  • Limestone is a natural gravel bright white in color and makes for a very aesthetic looking finish. It packs very hard, tends to be dusty when dry and leaves a white streaky layer when wet. Dolomite has the exact same features and is a harder rock than limestone
  • Road gravel – brown or clay in color and is composed of multi-colored natural stone with hi clay content. It is usually used on country roads and the motorway hard shoulder and usually gets muddy when wet. It is very affordable and good for low traffic roads and drives.


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Additional Types of Gravel & Applications

  • Landscape Gravel

    Gravel in Portland landscaping requires a different type of gravel and performs different functions. It can be applied as a full cover, edging, on walkways or over new lawns. Gravel is permeable and allows enough drainage which is the reason why it is used a lot in landscaping. Gravel in Portland is available for the following landscaping purposes:

  • Edging

    Creates the divide between the landscape and external traffic and frames your gardens, just like a frame surrounds the picture. The overall beauty of the gardens and lawns could be affected by the edging you choose to apply. For this reason edging gravel is selected more for its aesthetic qualities rather than solely on durability.

    The best type of gravel for edging purposes is river rock gravel. It has a variety of attractive textures and rounded shapes and comes in several sizes. They are smooth and rounded due to the weathering processes which create them and may be black or natural brown in color. They blend with different garden plants and grass to produce an attractive look to your garden and landscape.

  • Full Cover

    Reduce the time you spend tending your garden as well as water consumption by opting for full gravel coverage. This application is better suited to larger gravel sizes 20mm and bigger because they improve rainwater drainage and look better. Colors for full coverage gravel range from soft and round pea gravel to jagged lava rock.

  • Walkways

    One key aspect of walkway gravel must be its ability to withstand foot traffic; hence it should be relatively hard packing. This task is not best for fluvial gravel because of their size and smoothness which can lead to slips. Ideal for this purpose are small hard packing gravel, 5mm in size which create a firm surface to walk on. This type of gravel packs tight and is still ideal for rainwater drainage.

  • New Lawns

    A thin layer of gravel over newly laid grass can help it grow better with less water requirements. The gravel is best spread over new grass, cut short and then topped off with a thin layer of compost. More water will reach the roots of the new grass due to the gravel and crushed gravel is ideal. Be careful not to use gravel which packs tightly as this may actually kill the new grass shoots.

Delivery Prices of Gravel in Portland

There are a few factors which will affect the price of gravel in Portland and the metro area. They include:

  • Size
  • Type of gravel
  • Weight or quantity of gravel
  • Delivery distance and depositing.

Again delivery prices for gravel in Portland will differ between suppliers but generally there is a standard delivery charge based on distance to travel and weight of the load. Different trucks will have different carrying capacities and will cost more or less. Typical costs for say a 5 ton dump truck of gravel in Portland will vary  depending on mileage. Delivering 9 tons of gravel in Portland will typically cost more depending on mileage.

I sincerely hope this article has provided you enough information to start tackling your needs for gravel in Portland. It does pay to shop around, grab the telephone and call people up or use the internet. This is the best way you are going to get the best deal for gravel in Portland.


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