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Rock Walls & Structures

We help create beautiful additions to your landscape.

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Rock Wall and Grading for your gravel driveway

Rock Wall Construction in Portland, Oregon

Tired of the boring, washed out look of plain cinderblocks on the exterior of your home? Why not use genuine rock walls instead? Pre-cast concrete retaining walls are not only a welcome addition to the exterior aesthetic of your home, but also a durable and proven way to maintain the structural integrity of whatever structure you plan to build with these remarkably versatile building blocks. Rock walls also add to the exterior beauty of your home, and their aesthetic is in keeping with Portland’s natural, yet modern attitude.

Cost Effective and unique.

Utilizing rock walls is an innovative spin on a time tested practice of using natural stone for building projects. Whether it is paving a new driveway, creating a new outdoor recreation area, reinforcing an existing piece of workmanship or any number of other applications, rock walls are a cost effective and easily implemented option for your home here in Portland!

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Rock Formation Firepit for your backyard


Rock Wall & Boulder placement

Structurally sound with a great organic feel.

Constructed from architecturally sound concrete, the unique construction of our rock walls enables them to be the most structurally sound option when designing and implementing new residential retaining walls or other outdoor project where strength and durability are key factor, while also providing a gorgeous, organic feel to your space and keeping Portland beautiful. Our solid blocks are composed of more than a ton of concrete each, making for a superior product in both strength and endurance.

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Customizing your rock wall.

In addition to the above qualities, our high-quality rock walls are highly customizable, a fact not wasted in a city with a well-deserved reputation for artistic expression such as Portland. With a multitude of styles to choose, from timeless classics such as Cobblestones, to one with a more modern feel such as a Limestone scheme, there is something for every taste and budget, without having to strain your budget. Easily fit into an existing landscaping theme, rock walls are not only a sound choice for their durability, but also a sound aesthetic choice as well.


Add an organic look to your home


Create a unique feel for your property

A great investment for your property.

Investigating and researching rock walls as an alternative to cinderblock and solid concrete construction is an intelligent choice while considering your next home improvement project. Its reliability, durability, financial cost-effectiveness and style make for some extremely appealing point when planning you next project. Help continue the tradition of innovation here in Portland by considering a new rock wall addition to your yard, garden or driveway. By adding rock walls, they’re sure to be an investment that you and your family can enjoy for generations to come.
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