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Sealcoating Portland, Oregon

Sealcoating your driveway is an essential part of home maintenance. With the weather here in Portland capable of extremes of temperature and moisture levels, it is an easily implemented, cost effective way to protect your driveway for the vagaries of the sun, rains and general exposure.

Exposure to the sun’s intense ultraviolet rays can lead to a breakdown of the asphalt in your driveway. This can lead to cracking, raveling, and breaking. This is cause by the permeation of UV rays into your asphalt, heating the moisture within, resulting in expansion and contraction of the material. This added stress leads to cracking, breaking and raveling. Raveling is a separation of the layers of pebble, tar and earth that comprise your driveway. Sealcoating helps to prevent these and other issues by sealing moisture into the asphalt, as well as helping to retain the moisture content and shape of the original asphalt.

Keep Your Home Looking Its Best.

Portland is known internationally as a beautiful city, and it is up to us as citizens of the Rose City to keep it that way. Having your driveway sealed is a great way to keep you home looking its best. With a simple, cost effective sealcoating, your driveway can be restored to its pristine, brand new, jet black look. The process is simple, and can improve the property values of not only your home, but that of your whole neighborhood.


Sealcoating for your driveway – West Linn, Or

Sealcoating preserves your driveway & pavement.

Portland is also known for its weather. We receive on average more than 36 inches of rainfall every year, and most of that comes not as a downpour, but constantly every days for sometimes weeks on end. It is very important to weatherproof your driveway. Sealcoating your driveway is very like weatherstripping your windows. You wouldn’t want that rain coming into your house and causing issues inside, and sealcoating your driveway is one way to protect your driveway from the damp Portland climate.


Round-a-bout sealcoating – Tigard, Or

Four Benefits of Sealcoating your driveway:

  • Prevents staining of your pavement
  • Its moisture-resistant
  • Enable easy cleanup of spills
  • Has the added bonus of making your home look sharp

Over time, gasoline, oil, and other automotive chemicals can seep into your driveway, not only creating unsightly stains, but also open up the possibility of groundwater contamination from rainfall runoff. How many times has you seen an oil stain covered with sawdust or cat litter in a driveway? Sealcoating your driveway not only covers up any previous stains from automotive spills or maintenance, but helps prevent new ones from forming.

Sealcoating Saves You Money Over Time.

Lastly, sealcoating your driveway can save you a lot of money. The most expensive thing you can do to your driveway is replacing it. It costs on average more than 60 times the cost of sealcoating to demolish, remove and replace a new asphalt driveway. The time investment is much greater as well. In some cases, permits for residential construction have to be obtained, as well as contractor fees and consultation.

Sealcoating your driveway is a simple, cost effective way to preserve or restore your driveway. The process is quick, efficient, and much cheaper than replacing your driveway. Beautify your home and increase its value by sealcoating your driveway!

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