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Site Preparation

Paving & Excavation Site Preparation in Portland, Oregon: What to Know.

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Winery excavation and site preparation – Sherwood, Or

Site Preparation Portland, Oregon.

When it comes to having the perfectly paved driveway, road, or parking area in Portland, the key is site preparation. Portland landowners looking to build will want to have to the site preparation done properly and excavated so that water can run off as needed. This will preserve the life of the paving work and save you a lot of money in the long run.

More than having “perfect pitch.”

Of course, other concerns with driveways and parking lots include ditches and the slope of the land. This can also be controlled with proper site preparation. Portland work sites need to have the land properly graded beforehand so that parking areas and driveways are sure to be level.


Mass earth removal and delivery for your property

Proper site preparation prevents leaky basement.

Is your building going to need a crawl space or even a full basement? Making sure that these are in place and won’t be full of standing water is another vital part of the process of site preparation. Portland homes and offices that haven’t been excavated properly may suffer from flooding which can be upsetting, costly, and time consuming to repair.


Doing the job right the first time.

Settling is another major concern which needs to be addressed. By having proper attention given to site preparation, Portland landowners can rest assured that their investment will be on solid ground. These factors for site preparation in Portland make it important to hire a crew that is experienced, has the right equipment to get the job done, and cares about doing the job right for the beautification of the community.


House Site Preparation in Lake Oswego, Or

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